11 Jackets & Vests for Women to Rock the Great Outdoors in Style

The jackets and vests in your closet are your keys to living your best life outdoors. In fact, you will notice how your life would suddenly improve once you’ve collected more of these garments. To help you with your choices, here are the 11 jackets and vests that will allow you to rock the great outdoors in comfort and in style.

1. New Team Softshell Vest

The New Team Softshell Vest is a great piece of garment that you can use in a variety of conditions. Whether you need to run a quick errand or you need to pack light in your next adventure, the vest will definitely be a great addition to your layering ensemble.

2. Ideal Down Vest

If you're looking for a super lightweight vest to wear while enjoying your favorite sport, then the Ideal Down Vest is the one for you. The vest will not only allow you to move with ease but it can effectively keep your body warm as well.

3. Woodside 2.0 Vest

For those who love the beautiful aesthetics of rustic clothing, check out the Woodside 2.0 Vest in earth color. It is a perfect vest to wear especially if you're planning to spend a weekend in a beautiful cabin surrounded by nature.

4. Rebar DuraCanvas Insulated Jacket

As the garment provides ultimate comfort and extreme durability, it is without a doubt that the Rebar DuraCanvas Insulated Jacket offers great value for your money. It is definitely a jacket that was made to last.

5. Classic Team Softshell MEXICO Jacket

If you don't have a white jacket in your collections yet, then it's about time that you add one to your closet. When it comes to white jackets, the Classic Team Softshell MEXICO Jacket is an excellent choice as it offers superior performance no matter the season.

6. Softshell Chimayo Jacket

Say "goodbye" to boring jackets and "hello" to the chic Softshell Chimayo Jacket that features a beautiful pattern inspired by the unique Chimayo weaving tradition from northern New Mexico.

7. Coastal Waterproof Jacket

Why bring a raincoat if you can have your Coastal Waterproof Jacket ready at your disposal? The jacket is not only expertly engineered with an eco-friendly waterproof finish for it is also very chic as well.

8. Atherton Jacket

With its PFC-free EcoDry™ feature and fashionable mock collar, nothing can keep you dry, warm, and fashionable than an elegant Atherton Jacket. On top of that, the garment also features a "Cinchable waist" that allows the wearer to flaunt a flattering silhouette.

9. Ideal Down Jacket

If you love the aesthetics of the Ideal Down Vest, then you should definitely add the Ideal Down Jacket to your collection. Aside from its superior performance, the jacket also features a striking variegated quilt styling that will make its wearer stand out no matter the weather.

10. Stowe Reversible Insulated Jacket

The best thing about the Stowe Reversible Insulated Jacket is that it allows you to easily switch up your style with just one garment. It is especially convenient for travelers who need space-saving jackets to accompany them on their travels.

11. Cape Chimayo Coat

Are you searching for the most elegant outer covering that will allow you to stand out in the crowd? Then, look no further because you will absolutely fall in love with the fabulous pattern and design of the Cape Chimayo Coat in pretty buttercream.