Top 10 Bottoms Clothing for Women

Are you looking for versatile and stylish bottoms clothing? Do you want unique designs to complement your personality? If yes, you can consider the following. We will cover the top 10 bottom clothing, including shorts, skirts, and pants. Since there will be different varieties, everyone can have a few.


1. Genevieve Crochet Mini Short

Genevieve Crochet Mini Short can be perfect for those who want a stylish look. The short length, adjustable front tie, and soft crochet fabric make it ideal for all sizes and shapes. You can wear this mini short in summer and spring and pair it with any of your favorite tops to match the occasion. It is comfortable and versatile as well.

2. Bardot Eyelet Mini Skirt

Bardot Eyelet Mini Skirt can give you the desired recognition with a sexy and stylish look. The design and length make this mini skirt ideal for outings, dates, or dinner dates. This bottom clothing will add romance and charm to the surroundings.

3. Serafina Satin Micro Skirt

You can pair the Serafina Satin Micro Skirt with bikinis and enjoy the beach vacation more. Also, it features a soft crinkle fabric, lace trim details, and accent bows to support your summer outings. You can pair this floral piece with any of your favorite tops.

4. Luna Floral Mini Skirt

Luna Floral Mini Skirt is perfect for your water adventure. The floral design and short length make it ideal for a beach look. Besides, you will appreciate its fluttery silhouette, Blue Daiquiri print, and comfy and soft waistband. You can pair this skirt with your halter top.

5. Evangelina Ruffle Maxi Skirt

Evangelina Ruffle Maxi Skirt can be perfect for both formal and informal occasions. When the length makes it ideal for traditional parties, the design secures its place for a dinner date. It features ruffle details, smocking textures, and soft fabric. You can wear it low and high-waisted based on the occasion.

6. Fleur Cloud Low-rise Pant

Fleur Cloud Low-Rise Pant can start your day with fashion. This pant looks stylish from every angle with a ribbed roller waist, low-rise fit, and buckle accent. Also, you will appreciate its flared legs and cloud-knit fabric. It can be perfect regardless of your body type.

7. Estelle Knit Mini Short

Estelle Knit Mini Short uses lightweight fabric to feel comfortable and support your movements. It has ribbed details and a below-the-booty cut to add flair to your outfit. The comfort level and design make it suitable for an effortless look.

8. Jasmine Embroidered Mini Short

Jasmine Embroidered Mini Short offers a timeless appearance. It features embroidered florals, adjustable down strings, ribbed accentuated waistband, and tiny pockets. You can pair it with your matching hoodie for travels and vacations.

9. Erin Waffle High Waist Legging

Erin Waffle High Waist Legging is a high waist and cozy bottom clothing. You can pair it with most of your stylish tops. It features a compression fit, scallop details, and a soft fabric.

10. Claude Lightweight Knit Mini Skirt

Claude Lightweight Knit Mini Skirt is flowy bottom clothing with a ribbed waistband and soft knit fabric. Also, it is ultra cozy, airy, and light. You can pair it with your crop top for a summer look.