5 Theragun Massage Guns You Need In Your Life Now

Looking to improve your sleep, remove stress from your life, and/or treat your sore muscles?

The Theragun range is a great way to explore massage therapy. Check out a few of the top-selling models below.

1. Theragun Mini

The Theragun Mini is a great choice for those who are just entering the world of therapeutic massage guns. Its ultra-portable size also makes it a great massage gun for travel since sitting in the car or in an airplane is bound to lead to a few aches and pains. It’s even Bluetooth-enabled as an extra bonus!

2. Theragun Prime

The Theragun Prime is a great entry-level option for those who are looking for a percussive therapy device at a price point that is affordable. Named an official Vogue Pick, the Theragun Prime quickly delivers deep muscle treatment that boosts muscle recovery while treating sore muscles.

3. Theragun Elite

Known as the “option” of the Theragun range, the Theragun encompasses the best of the entire line by offering an ultra-quiet massage experience with smart app integration via Bluetooth. Its battery lasts a reasonable 120 minutes and sports a QX65 Motor which produces enough power to break through any knotted muscle.

4. Theragun Pro (5th Generation)

The Theragun PRO is arguably the best massage gun in the world and is quieter despite its powerful EQ-150 motor. The routines are designed to unlike and treat almost any type of muscle tightness and include Sleep, Warm Up, Recovery, and Theragun Break. In addition, the device comes with six attachments and can be connected to the Therabody app via Bluetooth for even deeper customization.

5. Theragun Pro (4th Generation)

Those who want the power that the 5th Generation Theragun PRO packs for a fraction of the price will want to check out its predecessor, the 4th generation model. With a 300-minute total battery life, customizable speeds, and six attachments, you can easily personalize your massage experience.