8 Beautiful Plants For Your Home Or Office

These 8 stunning plants add color to any space and liven it up.

1.Yellow Coconut

A standout piece that adds tropical interest, you can put the Yellow Coconut in any spot in your house. It grows quickly and doesn't require too much light in order to thrive.

2.Fiddle Leaf Qin Yerong Variety

A favorite plant that's loved by all. Don't be intimidated by its care- you just need to make sure the soil doesn't completely dry out. The leaves and upright growing habit are stylish, and the plant is said to bring wealth and good luck.

3.Turtleback Taro Monstera Plant

One of the most fascinating plants that can thrive indoors, the Monstera is an instant attraction and draws the eyes toward its swiss cheese appearance. Young leaves assume the appearance of shiny hearts or a turtle's back. The large leaves draw in carbon dioxide and release oxygen at night.

4.Green Apple Arrowroot

Another large-leafed variety that you shouldn't miss, the Green Apple Arrowroot plant takes up space and brightens it up with unusual, ribbed foliage. Calathea species should be given bright and indirect light and regular watering. You should also spray the leaves every day to maintain a humid environment.

5.Topaz and Rich Bamboo Potted Plant

Display a bamboo plant and good fortune will surely reside in your home. The pot is made from high-quality topaz and is used to drive away evil while calming emotions. Yellow symbolizes wealth, as are the bamboo plants living in the pot.

6.Birds of Paradise

Birds of Paradise assume that artful and stylish grace that makes them so attractive to plant enthusiasts. Make sure to put them in a bright spot in your room so they could thrive. The plant also has the benefit of purifying the air and giving you fresh oxygen throughout the day.

7.Black Caterpillar Bean Orchid in Yellow Glazed Bowl

Add something unique and out of the ordinary with the Black Bean Orchid. The ornamental plant sports curious foliage and the pot that comes with it is equally unorthodox.

8.Kyushu Native Rush Grass Bunch Indoor Decoration

A Japanese-made ornamental grass that offers a versatile design. In a room, the plant adds to the humidity while providing clean air. Taking care of the Kyushu grass is easy- just put it in a container and spray it with water every day to keep fresh.