7 Best Low Tops Sneakers For Women

There are a few great brands that offer good-looking, packable, and breathable sneakers. Suavs boasts reinventing casual, everyday shoes that are both versatile and comfortable. Here are the best low tops sneakers you can get from Suavs.

1. The Classic Sneaker in Denim

One of the most comfortable, cleanest, and lightest pairs of shoes you'll ever wear. It has a fresh and simple design similar to any other classic sneakers yet its construction and material are what sets this pair apart. It's made out of 100% post-consumer recycled threads, lightweight rubber, and washable foam. Additionally, it has a mesh lining and overall just looks good and works well with khakis and button-down shirts as they do with jeans and t-shirts.

2. The 247 in Jet Black White

Very stylish and comfortable - perfect for those on the go especially if you travel plenty for work. The 247 is a bit sturdier compare to other styles yet still flexible. It's easy to put on, keeps your foot more aligned, provides great support, and is stylish enough to match any of your outfits. You can pair this with a clean button-up and denim shorts for a chic summer brunch fit.

3. The Zilker in Black on White

The classic pair guarantees a blister-free day. Ideal for everyday use, these sneakers are super soft, absorb moisture, and are flexible enough to bend with the movement of your foot. Moreover, it's light, airy, and made out of 100% post-consumer recycled threads.

4. The Zilker Gum in Slate

These pairs will sneak up on you as they will definitely be your favorite go-to shoes for everyday and running errands. Though its style is average, its versatility, comfortability, and lightweightness are perfect. The slate colorway goes well with leggings, jeans, and even work pants.

5. The Barton in Jet Black Gum

If you prefer your kicks to have no fuss or frills, the Barton is the one for you. This pair comes with no belts, laces, or buckles. A hassle-free slip-on designed for those who need to go and hustle ASAP. These are smart options for the eco-conscious since the model is made from 100% recycled digital knit which remains agile, porous, and comfortable throughout the day.

6. The 247 in Cream Colorblock

Your go-to, daily companion made with a soft breathable, easy to pull on upper. This timeless pair is best for traveling, outdoors, indoors, camping, or touring the city all day. Aside from being sustainably made, it has a non-creasing design, moisture-wicking materials, is washable, and requires no break-in period.

7. The Zilker in Butter

Same with all of the other low tops sneakers from Suavs, these beautiful pair is a comfortable shoe, especially for warmer months. It moves, bends, and has an upper that is lightweight so it fits your foot really well. This happiness-inducing colorway is quintessential to your spring and summer wardrobe.