Top 9 Shorts For a Trendy Look

Your outfit reflects your personality and gives the desired look. However, you can try variations to impress others with your choices. We will cover the top 9 shorts that every stylish girl and woman can wear to leave a lasting impression. Check the material and design and pick the best one.


1. 18/1 P.e. Short

18/1 P.E. Short is an ultimate casual short with 100% cotton. It features a foldable elastic waistband. The material makes it super comfortable and versatile. Besides, it will have two side vents to offer you a smart and sporty look. You can pair it with your favorite tees and wear it high or low for an effortless style.

2. Heavy Fleece Shorts

Heavy Fleece Shorts use heavy fleece to offer maximum comfort and flexibility. The black color, short length, 100% cotton material, and comfortable fit make it versatile. You can pair it with sweatshirts and any other tops. It features a single back pocket and an elastic waistband.

3. Loop Terry Running Short

Loop Terry Running Short looks super stylish and can transform your look instantly. It is running short with an elastic waistband and contrasting colored trim. The natural and subtle stretch makes it comfortable. The material is 80% cotton and 20% polyester.

4. Nylon Taffeta Shorts

Nylon Taffeta Shorts look breezy, light, and sexy. Since the coverage will be minimal, you can consider it for a swimsuit coverup. It can be ideal for lounging around your home. You can pair it with any layered top. It is 100% nylon and has a high-waist cut and an elastic waistband.

5. Dolphin Hem Hot Short

Dolphin Hem Hot Shorts can inspire any with their sporty-inspired and vintage look. Also, it uses 95% cotton and 5% elastane to offer a comfortable fit. Besides, it has a curved dolphin hem, multi-needle elastic, and a smooth finish. You can pair it with rib tanks or your favorite tops for a timeless look. You can consider this for workouts and beach vacations.

6. Pro Mesh Long Shorts

Pro Mesh Long Shorts are basketball-style shorts that use 100% polyester mesh. You can have this when you want oversized shorts. You can pair it with your crop top for a casual look. It features two side pockets and an adjustable waistband.

7. Dye Yoga Shorts

Dye Yoga Shorts are a flattering everyday staple that uses 95% cotton and 5% elastane. The material is super comfortable, and the style makes it perfect for yoga and gyms. Also, it features a folder waistband to serve different purposes. You can wear it low-rise, mid-rise, or high to look your best.

8. Interlock Running Shorts

Interlock Running Shorts use 100% cotton and feature an interlock construction. The design makes it classic and trendy. You can pair this short-length and stylish short with your favorite tees. It features contrast piping and an elastic waistband and is machine washable.

9. Denim Loose Short

Denim Loose Short offers a versatile fit and timeless look in a classic silhouette. While wearing these shorts, you can look stylish and get the desired comfort. It uses 100% cotton and features a wider leg opening, high waist, and perfect fit around the hips.