Top 10 Shinola Icons Watches That Will Elevate Any Look

Yes, you can check the time on your phone. No, a good watch never gets out of style.

Shinola Icons watches are timeless. yet there is something fresh and new to each design. Here are our top 10 picks that will elevate any look.

1. The Runwell Chrono 41mm in Cream

This classic combo of white, gold, and brown is a must-have for every watch collector. It will work beautifully with both casual and professional outfits. This model features a stopwatch and an extremely accurate hand-crafted mechanism. And if you get bored with the brown strap, you can easily replace it.

2. The Runwell 41mm in Blue

What if checking the time was as pleasant as gazing at a clear blue sky? It can certainly be so with this stunning model that features a light blue clock face. The shade is rarely seen on this type of watch, but it's a design choice that paid off with massive dividends. It would go perfectly with your favorite linen suit or a white sweater.

3. The Runwell Chrono 47mm in Blue

We simply love how Shinola Icons uses blue in their designs. Though you can replace the strap, there's something very elegant about this contrast between the warm brown leather and the cobalt blue. The orange is just a perfect pop of color. This watch also features a stopwatch and impeccable craftsmanship.

4. Ice Monster Automatic 43mm

Can you get cooler than ice cold? Yes with this watch. This model is not only stunning but super comfortable and energy-efficient. If you thought that no watch could ever match your extreme lifestyle, you should check this one out. If you can't handle the ice, check out the following entry.

5. Bronze Monster Automatic 43mm

We love this design so much, we are featuring it twice. Though this time, instead of pure ice, we have warm bronze and earthy brown. This watch is steampunk all grown up, and it's the perfect choice for lovers of leather-bound books and vinyl records.

6. Canfield Sport 45mm in Black

It's lightweight and functional, yet so classy-looking. We can see people curating entire wardrobes around it so they can wear it all the time. And considering the quality of Shinola Icons, you should get a lot of wear out of it.

7. Canfield Sport 40mm in White

All the benefits of its 45mm sibling, but in slightly more dainty packaging. The gold accents work with the pearly white to create an expensive and timeless look. There's also a pale pink version of this model if that's more your jam.

8. Birdy Moon Phase 34mm

This is one of our favorite models. We love how its simplicity works with both casual and professional outfits, and how the beautiful moon phase tracker breaks down the monotony. It speaks to the wannabe hippies in us.

9. Birdy 34mm in Mother of Pearl

If you are not into tracking your moon phases, the Birdy 34mm still makes for a gorgeous watch. It looks delicate, yet professional. However, we kind of prefer it paired with the leather double strap and a crisp white shirt.

10. The Station Agent Automatic 45mm

We'll wrap up this list with this anachronistic timepiece. It's inspired by Station Agents from the golden age of US train travel and features a beautiful blend of vintage aesthetic and modern design. We recommend this model to anyone with a true dandy sense of style and who wants to keep perfect time.