Top 7 Travel Bags

Are you looking for the best travel bag? Do you want trendy and durable bags to use for a long time? If yes, you can consider any of the following seven travel bags. All will have specific features to complement the personality of different travelers. Check the size, material, and compartments to find the best travel companion for your overnight and weekend trips.


1. Recycled Overnight

Recycled Overnight can be a spacious partner and an ideal companion for overnight trips. It uses recycled plastic and features protective metal feet. You will have three spacious compartments, crossbody straps, and sturdy handles. The design makes it versatile and perfect for overnight trips. Also, it is washable and GRS-certified.

2. Leather Overnight

Leather Overnight uses classic leather and has enough space to accommodate all your stuff for overnight trips. The size is medium, and it is LWG certified. It features three spacious compartments and Italian leather. The handles are sturdy and can withstand heavy use. The Italian leather makes it trendy and gives a sophisticated feel.

3. Recycled Weekender

Recycled Weekender can be perfect for those planning weekend trips. You can use this spacious travel bag to keep all your accessories during your weekend traveling. It uses recycled plastic which makes the product durable and washable. Also, this travel bag features crossbody straps, sturdy handles, and spacious compartments.

4. Leather Triple Zipper Overnight

The black color and taller design make the Leather Triple Zipper Overnight travel bag worth considering for many. It uses pebbled leather and features large zipper compartments and intentionally placed pockets. The bag looks luxurious and can be an ideal travel companion.

5. Triple Zipper Weekender

You can use this black and smooth leather Triple Zipper Weekender for your weekend trips. It has three compartments and is compatible with a trolley sleeve. All the features make it ideal for longer trips, and the zipper addition will offer more protection. The material is durable, and the design makes it versatile.

6. Triple Zipper Overnight

Triple Zipper Overnight is a trendy overnight travel bag that can add a feminine touch to your personality. You will love its soft feel and sturdy design. It has many pockets and a trolley sleeve to support your overnight stays. There will be different compartments for your accessories to ensure easy accessibility.

7. Leather Weekender

Leather Weekender uses pebbled leather and looks expensive with its black color. The bag is luxurious and spacious and LWG certified. It features spacious compartments, Italian leather, crossbody straps, sturdy handles, and protective metal feet. The material makes it durable and perfect for gyms, outings, and long trips.