Benefits Of Wool Vest

Wool vest is a garment that is designed to provide warmth in cold temperatures. Most wool vest are costume garments, which means that they are not strictly for use for insulation. Wool is generally thick and prickly but it provides an excellent barrier from water and wind as well as a temperature buffer when worn alone on a cool day. Wool vests are also sometimes called wool sweaters or wool jumpers depending on outside temperatures or regional naming conventions.

Benefits of Wool vest

1. Quality

The quality of wool vest is higher than other synthetic fabrics. It does not have the tendency to shrink like cotton and it retains its shape for longer. Wool fabric has a crisp feel and polished look, comes in a wide variety of natural colors, blends well with other fabrics. It is available in more than 50% wool reclaimed from recycled woolens or dyed with low impact dyes. It is also biodegradable and naturally fire resistant.

2. Warmness

Wool provides excellent insulation to both cold or heat by absorbing moisture then releases it back as vapor through the pores on the outer surface. This helps minimize heat loss when woolen garments are worn in both hot or cold temperatures. Even though it is a natural insulator, wool vests are also breathable. They are not a substitute for being bare chested and can make you sweat by trapping fluids in the body. Woolen garments breathe through pores which make it easier for warm air to flow out of the garment, keeping your body cool.

3. Durability

Wool is durable and long lasting when well maintained. The wool fibers can be shampooed to clean stains from clothing and broken fibers can be repaired with special dyes or blended into new yarns making it stronger than before. Due to its nature it has the tendency to unravel at a much lesser rate compared to cotton (approximately one inch per year).